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[CanPassRail] Re: Toronto-Montreal in 4 h in 1947 (?!?)


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> I doubt a 2800 would be dispatched on a small train such as 8 cars. That would only require a 4-6-2 such as a G5 or at most a G3.
One of our regional managers, at the bus company I gave 15 years of my life to, had a sign above his desk, "There are three sides to every story. Your side, my side, and the truth."

My sources of information seem to differ from your, Ray.

I quite agree that the 2800s were capable of more. I said as much in my post that the 108-109 minute timings were often exceeded. And there is Omer Lavalllee's story about "18 miles in 18 minutes with 18 cars".

However, I have it on good authority and from several sources that CPR 19 and 38 were exclusively assigned Hudsons just as CNR 15 and 6 were originally assigned 5700s (also 4-6-4s), and that the load was (strictly?) limited to 8 cars.

Being the premier trains, in an age when it was still important, the operating department probably wanted no doubt whatsoever that they would arrive on time.

When CNR Toronto - London expresses 75 and 82 were introduced 17 years later, the same criteria originally applied (4-6-4 and 8 cars). 75 and 82 were later covered by Bullet Nosed Bettys (4-8-2s).

In answer to David Jeanes: While you are technically correct, (most) all the speed surveys, like the one Donald M Stefee conducted for decades, dealt with overall running times and point to point performance, which is all that really mattered to the customer.

As an aside, Steffee in June 1947 noted that the CNR was capable of running Montreal - Halifax in 18 hours (a time never achieved) in a year when the best time was 23 hrs 50 min.

On the other hand, in 1963, he noted that the CNR Scotian - Super Continental, with a 4 hour connection in Montreal, ran Halifax to Vancouver in 91 hours (westbound), "The fastest time ever across 5 time zones".


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