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[CanPassRail] Re: Via #15/17 and #57 at Montreal Central Station


Ricky Leong wrote:
>>> Combined Via #15/17* arriving at Montreal:
>>> 6456
>>> 6455
>>> 6416
>>> 6403*
>>> <snip>

Jason Shron wrote:
>> The Renaissance cars are so heavy that we see diesel lashups
>> like we did in the pre-HEP days, when locomotives were only
>> 1750 to 1800 HP!

Are we sure that weight is the reason VIA is using three units
between Halifax and Matapedia? They haven't always done so
for the Ren Ocean, even with longer summer or Xmas consists.

Jon Calon wrote:
> Or is VIA hauling an extra F40 on the Chaleur to account for
> any possible breakdowns?

No. If you compare the consist that Ricky reported in message
#72178 with the one in message #72194, you'll see that three
units came from Halifax, leaving only one coming from New Carlisle.
That's also shown by the asterisk only on 6403 in the above

> After all, two units are not required for tractive effort on
> the Hudson Bay, but they have them in case of emergencies...
> It's not like CN has a lot of locos hanging around from
> Matapedia on towards Gaspe...

The Gaspésie Railway (SFG) no longer contracts with Canadian
National for the operation of its line. If the Chaleur unit
did break down east of Matapedia, an SFG RS-18 would likely
be the closest available rescue unit.

Tom Box
tbox at ncf dot ca
Port Hope, ON, Canada

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