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RE: [CanPassRail] PTC was Perceived Risk on Various Modes


That's what I had in mind. Vancouver's Sky Train and TTC's Scarborough RT
both have track intrusion detectors that shut everything down if an
unauthorized person is detected at track level.

Mark Walton

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> Might PTC give advance warning of a vehicle stuck on a level crossing,
> the TTC bus that stalled on the St. Clair and Laurel crossing in 1975?
> Whether the train would still have time to stop is another matter, of
> course.

On 13 Apr, 2013, at 20:24, R L Kennedy wrote:

> No. The bus did not interfere with the signals or track.

However, when Sweden introduced the X-2000 high-speed train, they increased
the speed allowed at level crossings to 200 km/h by placing trapped vehicle
sensors into the road surface, by linking these sensors to the PTC system
that Swedish Railways already had, and by installing magnetic track brakes
on the X-2000, (subsequently also used on the German ICE trains), so that
the trains could stop in time.

The most serious accidents involving the TGV trains in France have also
occurred at grade crossings where heavy road vehicles were disabled on grade
crossings, (not on the high-speed lines).

David Jeanes

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