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Re: [CanPassRail] PTC was Perceived Risk on Various Modes



I brought that up because of the two crossing accidents that were described and because in the UK they seem to lock the gates when they are down.

In continental Europe that I'm a bit familiar with having lived there, the crossing gates on reasonably busy roads cover the complete width of the road and they also have a mesh so that people can't crawl underneath the closed gates
Here is a picture of one - this looks like there are two gates to block the road but I have often seen just one that covers both lanes of a tw-lane highway.
It would be really hard for someone, even several people, to lift a gate like that sufficiently for a vehicle to pass - much easier on the relatively flimsy half crossing gates used in Canada and the US.



On 2013-04-22, at 12:29 PM, James wrote:

> I think I'll celebrate. After only 55 posts to this group, it appears my posts may no longer be under moderation. Time for a high-calorie lunch.
> Knut:
> I believe that LED lamps are currently being used under a waiver of regulations. Typically, to get a waiver you have to prove that it is just as safe or safer than the current designs.
> As to locking the gates down, currently they drop with gravity. The power is removed from the motor that raises the gates and holds them in the upright position, and they drop to horizontal. That is fail-safe in that if the power fails, the gates drop.
> As to people manually raising the gates, yes that has happened occasionally in the past, but is very rare. Broken gates are more of a problem. Personally, I don't think a locking mechanism is that necessary, when you consider that more than have the crossings in the country have no automatic protection at all, and maybe half of those with protection have no gates. Any extra money should be spent on those rather than eliminating an extremely rare possibility.
> James

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