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Re: : [CanPassRail] Railways, Railfans and Terrorism


Amen to that, Walter.

Derek Thompson
Toronto, Ontario

--- In, Walter Pfefferle <wpfefferle@...> wrote:
> I just hope we don't get knee jerk reactions from politicians who force
> VIA to install increased security for trains. Trains can't be compared
> to planes in any way. Once planes are checked and leave not much can
> happen except being shot down. Putting railway passengers through
> security is just plain dumb. If I wanted to blow up or derail a train I
> would do it somewhere along the thousands of miles unprotected tracks,
> not on the train. Also GO would be a better target during rush hour
> where a 12 car train can have 1500 people on it, not a VIA train with
> less than 100 people
> A freight train loaded with propane or ethanol would be even better but
> do it in a highly populated area, remember Mississauga.
> I think they chose AMTRAK as it usually has more Americans than Canadian
> on it especially eb when it picks up passenger in Buffalo.
> I am glad they caught them but lets keep it in perspective. I am sure we
> can expect to be asked what we are doing more especially around the
> larger cities. I agree _responsible_ railfans are an asset and should be
> used like AMTRAK, BNSF & NS are now doing in the US.
> *Walter Pfefferle
> Beachville Ont

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