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RE: : [CanPassRail] Railways, Railfans and Terrorism


I was thinking along the same lines with two additions. A lot of people catch a GO bus before transferring to a train. Would you expect bus passengers to be screened upon boarding (streetside as opposed to in a terminal).

Also, the GO concourse at Union Station is a free for all. When you wait for your train's arrival, there are dozens of folks passing to fro that aren't train passengers. These folks usually are heading from the ACC to the subway or vice versa. Would this area be made off limits to non-GO patrons?

I hope sane heads prevail, but I'm almost afraid of the fallout.

Kris Roenigk
Apsley, Ontario

--- In, Walter Pfefferle <wpfefferle@...> wrote:
> I just hope we don't get knee jerk reactions from politicians who force
> VIA to install increased security for trains. Trains can't be compared
> to planes in any way. Once planes are checked and leave not much can
> happen except being shot down. Putting railway passengers through
> security is just plain dumb. If I wanted to blow up or derail a train I
> would do it somewhere along the thousands of miles unprotected tracks,
> not on the train. Also GO would be a better target during rush hour
> where a 12 car train can have 1500 people on it, not a VIA train with
> less than 100 people
> A freight train loaded with propane or ethanol would be even better but
> do it in a highly populated area, remember Mississauga.
> I think they chose AMTRAK as it usually has more Americans than Canadian
> on it especially eb when it picks up passenger in Buffalo.
> I am glad they caught them but lets keep it in perspective. I am sure we
> can expect to be asked what we are doing more especially around the
> larger cities. I agree _responsible_ railfans are an asset and should be
> used like AMTRAK, BNSF & NS are now doing in the US.
> *Walter Pfefferle
> Beachville Ont

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