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RE: [CanPassRail] Re: Level Crossings (was Perceived Risk on Various Modes)


In the 1972 New York accident I mentioned, the school bus driver (a
moonlighting NYC firefighter) didn't even slow down. According to the
Reader's Digest article, it's not clear whether or not he saw the train
coming, although some of the students did. The train also sounded a 14-L
warning well ahead of the crossing, then several more horn blasts when the
engine crew saw the bus wasn't slowing. Finally they dumped the train,
putting it into emergency - but too late. The bus driver was charged with 6
counts of "criminally negligent homicide", I don't know the outcome.

Mark Walton

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Probably true but it's hard to believe that a school bus driver would
attempt to try to do that.
And these seem to be the type of really bad accidents we talked about.

It always gets me when I read about a car or truck driving into the side of
a train.


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