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RE: [CanPassRail] Re: Toronto-Montreal corridor speeds


The Pennsylvania was a big user of cab signaling, installing it on most if
not all electrified lines including the NYC-Washington "Broad way", where
GG1's regularly did 100 per.

Mark Walton

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The regulations in the US evolved over a number of years, with the ICC
trying to convince the railroads to install cab signals beginning in the mid
1920's. Initially, they ordered the railroads to install the system on at
least one subdivision, in an attempt to introduce the system. In most
cases, the railroads complied, but went no farther, much to the
disappointment of the ICC.

A major wreck on the Burlington near Chicago (Naperville) in 1946 prompted
the ICC to issue the order requiring railroads to operate at less than 80
mph in signalled territory, unless cab signals or ATS was provided. It also
limited speed to less than 60 mph in non-signalled territory. The rule came
into effect in 1951.

At the time, there was somewhat of a speed race between the railroads as
part of the post-war renewal of passenger services. Railroads like the C&NW,
the Milwaukee and the IC were running at 100+ mph, and were pushing things
faster. Some say that the ICC set the speed limits deliberately low
believing that the railroads would put cab signals in as part of their speed
race, but only a few did. In most cases, the railroads saw the cost as too
expensive, given the poor prospects for passenger service, and simply
dropped their speeds below 80 (or 60) mph. The speeds have remained there
pretty well ever since. In short, the ICC strategy backfired, and
essentially led to the decline of rail passenger service in the country.

The Canadian regulators didn't follow the ICC example.

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> Here's a question regarding the speeds. Down in the US, Amtrak is limited
to 79mph where they don't have cab Signalling. How did we here in Canada
manage to get 100mph running without similar requirements?

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